1. okaysizedbangtheory:

    i hate when people take other people’s glasses and are like ‘you have horrible vision’ like do you take wheelchairs from people and go ‘wow you have shitty legs’

  2. He did it.`

  3. astroknight:

    Disney Princess Movies before and after name changes.

    "how can we improve these titles?"

    "… adjectives

  4. shorsjuliet:

  5. quintuple-r:

5/∞ - Photos of Laura Marano
  7. likedudewheresmycar:

    Rockliff or Rydellington, that is the question 

  8. Has there been a moment growing up and you’re like “Ugh. I could be a single child right now.”?

6/∞ - Photos of Laura Marano
  10. rydelicious:

    AU: Austin & Ally isn’t a Disney show (swearing allowed). Requested by raura-rydellington-r5er.

  11. Eyy, who wants to send me poem prompts? I probably won’t post the poems (if I get prompts, that is), but I still feel like writing. Thanks!